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Self Publishing Your Words Your Way

Are you tired of waiting on the big guys to take notice of your work? Why not choose this year as a right time to SELF PUBLISH your own book? That's what this course is all about helping you make an educated choice about how to publish a book yourself. Now is a perfect time to start.

If you enjoyed the 100 Days To A Book course, you'll love Earma's latest Book Camp "Self Publishing Your Words Your Way." But even if you didn't get in on that course, you are bound appreciate this easy guide with a Setup For Success Module and bonus reports inside. This step-by-step course will show you how you, too, can easily write, complete, publish and market your book. The Self Publishing Your Words Your Way course includes:

12 Weeks, 12 Lessons, 12 Exercises, Resource Guide, Bonus Tutorials, MP3 Audios, Videos, Templates, Checklist all designed to keep you on course to a published quality book of your very own.

$157 (2 installment payments)

12 Week Course

 $497  $297 (One Time Payment)

12 Week Course Plus Lifetime Access (Indie Authors & Indie Publishers)